Wednesday, May 25, 2011

finishing up portrait of "franca"

this is the final 30 minutes work on "franca." i started by putting in some modelling on the hands using mainly cadmium red light and cadmium yellow pale applied with a #4 or #6 round brush. her hair was painted with a #12 round and burnt sienna and alizarin crimson and dabs of ultramarine blue and mineral violet. as usual i over did the scraping but did wait 'til the sheen came off the wash to do so the remainder of the shirt was done with the same colors pretty much right out of the tube and applied with a 3/4" flat in stripes across the *left* arm. as i wanted to lose that edge i put in a lose wash using splattered on cerulean blue, alizarin crimson (i always use the permanent due to the fugitive nature of real alizarin crimson, alas), and raw sienna pushed around a bit with a wet brush. lastly i finished off the jewelry with quinacridone gold on the rings and a gray wash on the bracelets. i think that's all and will call it finished. the arms are drawn too long and make look taller than she really is, i think. also, the *right* arm has a peculiar and i'm sure non-anatomical bump in the forearm, but otherwise i am relatively happy with the end result.


  1. Beautiful, all the colors tie in so nicely together. I love the color of her hair and the overall rosey tone of this portrait.I also like how you worked the hair by scraping the color out.

  2. Hello Bob, I like your watercolorpainting.
    Nice colors and good objects.
    Do you painting landscapes al well ?

  3. thanks heidi and jack. the scraping is fun and needs just the right timing not to make a dark line rather than a light. i am attempting to get the hang of watercolor landscapes and have posted a few. i need more work on atmospheric perspective and value changes in them. my head knows what i want to do (and what it think is correct) but the brush is lagging behind! stupid brush. i like your website and i think i can learn something by observing your paintings, jack. visit again!