Saturday, May 14, 2011

2-nu two: franca and mississppi overlook

i haven't made a lot of progress in the last couple of days due to being busy with preparations to go out to pine ridge reservation next week to volunteer at the porcupine clinic in porcupine, sd. while i hope to do some painting: landscapes and/or portraits our main goal is to provide some much needed medical care to the only people in this country who are guaranteed health care coverage: the native americans. in addition to that the blog spot was down yesterday when i was going to post the little bit that i had. well, its up now and i will offer what i have so far. maybe i can do a bit more before i leave tomorrow morning.

i think the changes are pretty obvious, but i painted the forefinger on *her* right hand and the cast shadow of that and her hand on the cheek along with a blush of flesh color to define the modelling of the cheek. these are the same flesh colors that i always use and refer one to previous posts and a #6 round brush. i extended the hair/shadow down the arm to where her sleeve starts with alizarin crimson permanent, burnt umber, and some ultramarine blue scraping in some hair curls/waves with a palette knife when the paint was starting to lose its sheen. you can see that i graded the wash as i went left to right so that i wouldn't get a real hard edge when i pick it back up to paint the remainder of her draped hair and shirt. these will for the most part be quite a bit darker so this i think will be adequate. the mouth will need fixing as it is a little skewed to *her* right and needs to move more to *her* left. i can correct this with some minor lifting and repainting. what is it about mouths that always give me fits? that's a rhetorical question...probably lack of observation and practice!

on the landscape of the overlook i think the only difference is the last of the remaining distant hills was painted in using the 1" flat and ultramarine blue, quinacridone gold, hookers green, and burnt sienna, making sure to get it close in value and color to the reflected strip on it in the river. i think i also redefined the left shoulder of the girl so that it didn't look so much like she sported shoulder pads. this was done by expanding the green "island" in front of her. i feel like that worked okay and will do something similar on the other side when i get to it. next i will tackle the right-most boy figure but that is for another time. hopefully i will post one more later today.

thanks for following and please leave comments and or questions. don't be shy. i really would like to have a dialog even if it is criticism!

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