Monday, February 22, 2016

"Serenading miss Rachel"........probably finished

I reached the point that adding more "stuff" was not helping and was starting to detract from the overall effect I was trying to achieve. I had intended to cut in some whispy hair along the edges of his head and beard. To do this I was going to use a technique described to me by jĂșlio Jorge where one cuts two shallow lines close together and going at on end and then lift off the paper in between.....leaving a thin tapered white line of "hair." There are actually a few examples where I tried his on this painting already.. Look at his right (our left) eyebrow, for instance. But in the end I decided that I was going o do it because the technique intrigued me rather than if it was right for painting.  Never a great reason for inclusion. So, at this point I have decided not to add them. Tomorrow? Who knows! 

The painting is about 20"x14" on 300# arches hot press paper. So far no one has risen to the challenge of figuring out why I have given this painting the name that I have. The clues are that he is a busker at the pike place public market in Seattle.........come on folks, it's not that arcane........ Or is it?

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