Wednesday, November 18, 2015

class on thanksgiving hiatus

as of monday, last, we are now officially on the two week thanksgiving hiatus. we finished out the figure in landscape of the egret in a stream and i will post the remaining three steps here today.

after value correction and adding some ripples
(over done for demo purposes, as usual)
we talked about reflections in water and then went on to paint same and do some correction. the basic two concepts were (1) that the reflection needs to come straight down vertically below the object that produces it and (2) dark objects generally reflect lighter than the object and light objects darker than the object. in terms of the latter, consider the reflection of a white boat in's dark right?

we finished out the painting by modeling the bird and adding some other details to him such as the beak, eye, and legs.

finished version with even more overdone ripples...for demo
purposes, obviously!
i got back to a habit i had at the last class of "raffling off" the demo painting....actually the students didn't know why they were picking out a number between 1 and 10........and lori was the (un?)fortunate recipient.

i'll finish out this post with the homework for the first class following the holiday which is the start of the figure portion of the class.....our reference photo of a hapless fisherman that they are to draw out on watercolor paper ready to paint monday morning. i also started to demo the manner we would start in case someone wanted to get a head start before the turkey tryptophan kicked in. painting of a figure

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