Wednesday, February 4, 2015

...and yet another.....

this view is south out the back of our driveway. painted in two settings with wildly different lighting at opposite ends of the day, it has a bit of a schizoid feel to me. in the second sitting i had to try to remember where shadow, etc. had been. all in all i am fairly pleased with the result. every painting out and about en plein air is a learning experience with a very steep curve....i must say i am really liking it. i got a sorely needed umbrella to shade the painting and me. can't wait to use it later this afternoon.

hope you enjoy "casa borrego nos. 26 and 16" (14"X19") on 300# arches cold press paper.


  1. There is a kind of lighter touch to this work than to your usual ones, maybe less controlled, really like the freedom perceived. And how lucky to live in such glorious surroundings !

  2. before i lifted some of the pigment in certain areas it appeared a little heavy and dark. now i am pleased with it. surprisingly i am happiest with the mountains and sky! i think i am starting to understand how to get some atmosphere in these things. thanks for the comments, jane.