Friday, January 16, 2015

further pursuits of the plein air, no less

i got my act together earlier this week and got outside to do some plein air painting. granted it wasn't any further than just off our driveway, but such is the environmemt around our abode, paintings in all directions.

i decide to do our neighbor's house as it was simple and convenient, if not terribly interesting. when it was done, my observant spouse joan noted that i had made that "p-o-s" look way better than it actually did (look). who's to argue? at least i tried. so here is the first plein air of the year: " casa borrego nos. 22 and 9"(don't ask).

"casa borrego nos. 22 and 9" (10"X14")


  1. Good job, bob. As for looking better, tell Joan it's sort like leaving out a few wrinkles and sags on female portraits. Lol!

  2. It really does look great, how nice that you can just step outside your drive way to find subjects like this !