Thursday, October 9, 2014

"4th street, actually": new cityscape

"4th street, actually": (14"X11")
i think these are slowly, but surely, coming around. the improvement is certainly in baby steps, but seems steady. at least, i am feeling more like i know the next step and am not groping around as much as i was a few months ago. the biggest challenge appears to be that initial wash and amassing all those shapes that share a fairly common value. that and leaving all the white patches where i want them....its very difficult to lift out to white....only a light value gray. so with that minimal rhetoric here is the next offering in the cityscape series.


  1. To me this could be finished, a great city scape, but you're the artist and surely knows what lies ahead . Scapes , being it land-, mountain- or waterscapes are the most difficult for me, but I always feel inspired when I see one , and like here I'm thinking, oh, I just have to try once more !

    1. i think you are right, jane....i declare it fini!

      yes, do try another one. i have (and still do) find these difficult, but i am determined to "get it", so keeping plugging away.