Monday, January 20, 2014

new yet untitled

i have been wanting to use this photo that i found in an antique store at home in la crosse, wi, for some time. i actually started one about a year ago and abandoned the effort as i didn't like what was happening. i got it out, dusted it off (all figuratively, of course), and now am determined to give it a second try.

easel set at 75 degrees

i have gotten a couple of questions/requests to post a wip with a little less work between photos so that the progression can be seen in more detail. i will try doing this here. additionally, i have been asked about my palette and how i set up the easel.
palette ready for initial wash: scarlet lake,
raw sienna, manganese blue hue,
brilliant orange. 

i will let the photos and their captions do the talking and only embellish with actual additional description when absolutely necessary (or upon the least whim).

reference photo, drawing, first wash
colors are the same as usual, brushes vary from my trusty #16 round and #8 round, paper is 300# hot press fabriano artistico, and the size is 15"X11".

 more hair and further work on her features
a bit of hair and initial modeling of features
using up remaining paint from first wash

even more hair, features, starting in on
background and folds/shadows on
her dress

close-up of her face after step shown above, right


  1. Bob, what great post! Thanks for this. Viewing it made me feel like I did watching ted paint. And look at you with that Craig young palette! If I had one of those I just might return to watercolor ! Lol!

    1. thanks, dena. i have had the palette for many years as it was a christmas present....even before everyone lusted after them! i haven't commented on your blog lately, but it seems you are progressing nicely with your oils. we will welcome you back from the dark side, however, even without the craig young palette!