Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"a lovin' spoonful sort of afternoon": the grand finale

"a lovin' spoonful sort of afternoon" (15"X22")
i really didn't do a lot more on this painting. i finished the folds and shadows on her shirt using a desaturated and darker value version of the shirt color. for this i made a loose mixture of scarlet lake, alizarin crimson permanent, and a touch of hooker's green on the palette and applied it with my #16 round davinci cosmotop brush. some work needed doing on her neck and upper chest which was just the same flesh colors that i had been using: vermillion and raw sienna. after about 2 days of looking at this painting on the wall of my studio, i decided it needed a little something at the top....not too startling but maybe unexpected. i felt it needed to be a color already used in the painting. so i chose red (scarlet lake). i rather like it even though it may have been unnecessary. the last thing i will say about the painting is that this is on cold press arches paper. it is strikingly different to paint on with the distinct tooth and the sizing almost seems to resist the paint at first application.  the result is......i don't know.....grainy........hmmmm, here's something new i am at a loss for words.

has anybody gotten the connection between the title and the painting??????