Sunday, September 22, 2013

just some odds and ends from the last few weeks

i have been working on some paintings off and on over course of our travels around the west. of course, i also painted a lot during the workshop with bev and vickie. without a lot of fan fare here are the results of the last few weeks. some are finished and some are not.
"a hand full of poseys" not quite finished

"quiet time before the ride" finished (15"X11")

untitled as of yet and just started

"these here cherries is mine" finished (15"X20)

finished...can't remember the exact title (15"X8")

"suka, always ready for play" as finished as its gonna be (15"X11")


  1. Bob, some great work here! I am especially fond of the cowboy (no surpirse there!) and the cat. I can see that your workshop with Bev introduced a few new techniques for you and the result is beautiful!

    1. thanks, dena. i haven't been a very good citizen lately but i have made note of your great progress on your paintings.....just haven't commented on it. i've been more of a "blurker" (blog lurker). i hope to get back in the habit. have a great fall.