Friday, October 26, 2012

returning to dan

i am going to let the last two paintings sit a little more. i will say that the more i leave them alone the moe i feel tht they are done. i can't think of anything on either one that would be more than just fussing.

digitally warmed up
returning to the portrait of dan, i think the changes are fairly obvious. i finished his glasses over his *right*eye. the rest of the time was mostly spent further defining the shadows, mainly darkening them with glazes of warm color (scarlet lake and cadmium yellow-orange). i have been working under indoor lights and see in daylight this morning that it has taken on a bit of a coolish tint. you don't see that here as i "corrected" it on photoshop before posting. i wanted to see how it would look warmer and i think some overwashes of the orange will bring it around. i will probably use some glazing of a blue soon, so it will be tricky with the push-pull of color temperature. i darkened the background in pretty much all places. specifically i added serial washes of quinacridone gold, permanent rose, and ultramarine blue(X2) to the upper areas. the lower were just layers o cerulean blue. i started on his hair with a darker value of ultramarine blue and burnt umber/sienna. i want his sweater to be a dark green so i started painting a bit of this on both sides the a combination of ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow pale.
more or less the real tints

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  1. I actually prefer the natural version , it feels a bit softer, but either way it is a great portrait with fine contrasts.