Monday, August 27, 2012

young thai woman.....and all the fixin's

some corrective measures: jawline and ear
when i came back to this painting after about a 2-day hiatus i noticed a bunch of drawing problems. i should have caught these earlier, but all are fixable. i already spoke of the jawline which was a little off. this was easily corrected by the light lifting and putting down some dark shadows and hair to redefine the jawline. additionally once i observed the painting from across the room it was obvious that her nose was askew. this was a little trickier but some lifting and repainting made it right. lastly her hand was much too wide which foreshortened it too much which made it look like it was sticking way out in front of her face. since i hadn't really painted this yet, it was a simple matter of just redrawing it. i also raised her ear.

nose straightened

that done i fussed a little bit more on the jawline and put in an initial wash for her neck rings which was quinacridone gold.

after redrawing the hand i paintied it with the same colors and modeled the rings with mineral violet. the decoration on her sleve was the same colors. i put in a few strands of dark hair around the edges of the rings and called this sketch finished. i think i understand the shadows enough to tackle this full bore in the workshop. so i will get busy with drawing it on a 15"X22" piece of hot press paper.

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