Friday, August 26, 2011

"hey, that's jim's duck": finishing up

i had in tended to try to make a video of some of the painting process for some of the rest of this painting, but between my not knowing what i was doing in either the shooting or the editing and compounded by the fact that i finished a lot of this in small, quick sessions as i ducked into the studio on the way to something else ( and ended up late for that, of course), i didn't do it. i think that i have the basics down now so i will do some on the next project. so, here is where we are before starting work today. if you compare this to the last photo from wednesday you can see that i have picked  away at it and there is more finished now.

by the end of this current session which was about 30 minutes, only, i finished the duck decoy and the remaining few white flowers in the bouquet. the two lemons were painted with cadmium yellow light and quinacridone gold for the shadow parts. cast shadows with cobalt blue when? some remaining background stuff on the wall and window frame and the strip on the table cloth. i think that is the end of this painting. i wanted to stay a bit looser in this one compared the the previous one. i was pretty sure it would as i was now more comfortable and reacquainted with the subject and format, but also i think the set up was a bit less formal, as well. i was a little more messy than usual especially in the foreground from splashes while cleaning and shaking the brush. it really doesn't bother me and adds a bit to the somewhat raw,slightly unfinished nature of this, and a lot of other watercolors that i like. if this has inspired you have a go at it, it will be fun and you will be amazed at what you can learn about painting in the process. here's the finished painting:

"hey, that's jim's duck"

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  1. Bob, I do love this finish! I really think that the looser technique lends an especially professional touch. Charles Reid would heartily approve. Good job! I'm heading to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some flowers. Dont' seem to have any live ones in my beds in this Texas heat!! And this gives me a good excuse to see what vases and other props are hiding in the cabinets. Thanks again for your posts. I'll post my progress with my still life ventures on my blog. "Talk" to you soon!