Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"i am lakhota": continuing phases

i am back from our trip and have done a little bit more on the painting of marlene. it has been done in such dribs and drabs that i really can't remember what i did when or with what, but i thought that i would post it at this stage just to show you what i have done and prove that i was was back at work!. the only thing that i can say is that i got very sloppy with her shirt and , specifically, its shadows. i was working off of a close -up of her face and sort of working off memory and dead reckoning (both poorly in retrospect). so, i will have to lift off some of the shadows and re-paint them more precisely from the full figure photo that i originally took out a pine ridge. so here it is, blemishes and all:

the look i am going for is to suggest that her life is beset with some of the difficulties that reservation living bestows but that she has still maintained the proud bearing of her heritage as a lakhota native. she is a remarkable woman and i hope to convey that. we'll see as things progress.

more later.

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